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All the videos are up

I thought I had got them up before we moved, but I guess not!

Well, they are now….hope you enjoy them and this page lives on to celebrate these shows, life, and work.

Congratulations all on a job well done. Miss you all!


Getting Closer!


Its been a scramble, and there was a few moments of panic over a lost disc, but after a dozen hours on PAL formats, Finalizing mini DVDs to be read in a PC and converting VOB to MP4 format (everyone asleep yet?;) the videos of all the performances and digitized and ready for YOU TUBE!

We need permission still from a few people though, so if you get an email from us, please respond back!


We are working to digitize the shows. We want to post them, but need your help!


We are working to digitize all the shows, post them to you tube, and then link them out from here, but WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Part of our criteria for doing so is to solicit approval from those of you who made these shows special. We need your consent to add the video and post it. The easiest way for you to do so would be to send us a message by contacting us through the site.Then we will have record of your permission right here is the same dang place the video links are.

Not too shabby! So come on! Send us a message! And let us know it’s all right to post shows you are in and send us some suggestions of what you would like to see on the site.

Welcome to the Site!

We are currently working on the site. We will be trying to digitize and post the videos of the performances we have. If you worked on the show or were in a performance, take a minute to hit the ‘contact us’ form above and say 1) Nice work on the site! COOL! 2) That you are good with us posting a video of you performing and if it becomes the most awesome thing ever and a revered art piece celebrated by the world (too bad we own it all. HAHA). 3) Any experiences or memories if any on the shows, and maybe we can include your testimonials!

Thanks and watch this space!