Welcome to the Site!

We are currently working on the site. We will be trying to digitize and post the videos of the performances we have. If you worked on the show or were in a performance, take a minute to hit the ‘contact us’ form above and say 1) Nice work on the site! COOL! 2) That you are good with us posting a video of you performing and if it becomes the most awesome thing ever and a revered art piece celebrated by the world (too bad we own it all. HAHA). 3) Any experiences or memories if any on the shows, and maybe we can include your testimonials!

Thanks and watch this space!


One thought on “Welcome to the Site!”

  1. – Great pictures Christine, but then you did have excellent material to work with!! All kidding aside, you did a wonderful job with this and your presence throughout the day was both prioossefnal and personal. Thank you very much!

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